Monday, December 9, 2019

Week 16, Post 2: Comments to Classmates Posts

Week 16, Post 1: Planning Future Strategy

Thinking about all the social media platforms we’ve worked on this semester, I’d say I’ve enjoyed Facebook and Instagram the most. I think these also integrate best with the type of business I have.

The tools I think I’ll implement most is the Facebook business page with data analytics as well as the post scheduling. Also, I’ll take the advice offered in the book and make sure I’m offering value and contributing better to the conversation on social media. I think these tools will help me to be consistent and personable online and will allow more engagement.

For my business, perhaps a few hours per week creating content and scheduling posts, and then about 30 minutes per day responding and interacting on social media or gathering info for future posts.

I’ve heard that the posts we make should be ⅓ personal, ⅓ educational or a link to info outside of my particular business, and ⅓ directly advertising, for a total of 3 posts per day. With that in mind, I’d post morning before 8am, mid afternoon, and around 7pm each day. I’d use motivational quotes, personal pictures, before and after pictures with encouraging stories of people who have successfully used my program, and links to helpful information or newsworthy articles that are consistent with my business.

I think that will help because consistency is so important and adding value and being authentic is what gets people to come back and like, share, or interact with the posts.