Thursday, September 19, 2019

Week 5, Post 1

Although both Armstrong Gardens and Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens are both selling plants and offer classes and events that are garden related, their websites are different in several ways.

Armstrong seems to appeal to the homeowner, offering landscape design and installation. Their website appears to be more professional, using bold and bright colors and photographs, and they seem more like a well established franchise. They are more of a retail store that also offers contractor services. The overall tone and message of Armstrong is helping home owners have a manicured and well designed landscape for their yard.

Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens website is more simple and looks as if it’s a family owned, quaint, one of a kind place. They are more of a botanical garden to come and enjoy lunch, coffee, or a tour of the grounds. They seem to appeal to families since they have baby goats and garden activities for children. The overall tone and message of Myrtle Creek is a relaxing place to get away from the city and enjoy a day in the country.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Week 4: Pt 2: Two Websites I Frequently Use

Two websites I use frequently are Carlsbad City Library and Ebay I think each is effective in different ways. 

Carlsbad library website employs good design by their alignment of text and buttons, neutral colors, and a focal point that displays their upcoming events. Their goal is to educate and enrich and the website communicates that well.

Ebay is not as well designed, in my opinion. Their homepage is very bright, colorful, and flashy, with moving pictures and large images. Lots of marketing front and center. But the main part, the search bar, is front and center and easy to find.

I come back to each because neither has a good competitor and I like what each site offers. I have to use Carlsbad Library to renew books I’ve checked out, but I can also borrow ebooks or takes classes online through their site. Ebay is great when I’m looking for a great deal on something I found in the store that I want, but don’t want to spend that much money on it.

Carlsbad Library’s page could be improved by making it easier to find the correct resource. There have been times that I’m looking for a certain class and I can’t remember which resource it’s under, so having descriptions by the tab would be helpful.

Ebay could be improved by better alignment of their images and smaller pictures, maybe only some with bright colors so you can decide what to look at when you first land on their page. I guess what they’re doing is working though, since it seems to be a successful company.